Thursday, July 06, 2006

No, Really...Im A Luckbox

Its tourney report time...or at least the beginning of tournament report time.

From the first hand of the 2500 Short Handed event I was playing well, and running well. First hand, im in the BB with A9o, and call a raise from the SB. Flop comes A9x and I end up winning 1200 chips or so from AK. I really could do no wrong in the first couple of levels. I raised with Qd9c and got called in the SB. He was 21 years old, and mentioned that he recognized me from the pokerdb. Flop comes A high all diamonds, and he check calls. The turn is a 9, and he check raises. I call. I get there on the river and he check folds and mutters good naturedly about not playing big pots out of position. Another hand I raised with Ad7d and got called in one spot behind me. Flop was 884 with two diamonds, and I bet and got called. Turn blanked and I checked, and the guy insta-checked behind me. I was pretty sure he was calling a river bet with whatever he was trying to get to showdown with so it was a good thing that I got there, and like clockwork I bet and he called. Right at the end of the 2nd level my table broke. At my new table I played about one hand before dinner and it was at least mildly interesting. A big stack raises (positions are much less relevant six handed) to 150 at 25/50 and I made it 600 on the button with KJo. He looked like he was about to fold, and then called. The flop was JTx and he now led for 800. I couldnt think of a good reason to fold or raise, so I called. Turn was a blank, and he led again...this time for 2500. I really thought he was overvalueing 1 pair, like AJ or something so I folded after a little think and filed it away in the memory banks. I entered the first break with about 6500.

I drifted down a little while during the beginning of the next level. However, I played 3 big pots. I raised with 87 of hearts and got called in one spot behind me and the SB. The flop was J34 with 1 heart and it checks around. I mentally call for the 5h, and bam there it is on the turn. SB checks, I take a stab, and get called by the guy behind me. River is my gin card, an offsuit 6. Turns out it really really was my gin card, because the turn caller had 67, and I busted him. A little later I defended my blind with 4c5c against a raise. Flop came 2d3d6d. Nothing in life is ever easy. I led for 350 and got raised to 850. I called planning to lead a blank turn. Unfortunately he folded. The last hand was pretty simple. The same player raised to 300 in EP, the button called and I made it 1000 from the SB with KK. I think it helped that I had squeezed in the same manner a couple of orbits before...because the raiser decided to go with his JJ and I won a big pot to get up to about 12k.

My table broke again and I was moved to a table with another big stack two to my right. This is when miracle hand number 1 happened. I was at about 10k when big stack raised to 600 (blinds at 100/200). I called in position with QsJs. The flop came Ts9h8c. The preflop raiser led into me for 1000. I made it 2500, and he though for a few seconds, and then jammed. Obviously I insta-called with the nuts. Time then began to get very very slow. He said something like "uhoh" and I expected him to have something like JT or AA. Instead he turned over the very live 8h8d. To be honest, I was already slightly dissapointed by how little I was ahead, and crushed when the 9s turned. I got up to leave, already composing the title to be very dissapointed blog post in my head. Vaguely I heard my opponent say..."you have outs." And then, sure enough, on the river the magical, unbelievable, incredible 8s giving me a straight flush, and my poor opponent quads. After that my stack soared. A player raised to 600 with almost exactly 6000 behind. I made it 2000 from the SB with JTo intending to fold to a push. However, my opponent surprised me and after almost folding...he flat called for 1/3 of his stack. The flop came QdJx2d. I didnt know what to do, but figured there was no way betting could be better than checking. So I checked. My opponent pushed, and after thinking briefly, and looking into his soul, I called, and managed to stay ahead of his 8d9d. This got me close to 40k, and about 1.5 hours later I hit my high water mark for the day 45k. Then the wheels began to come off (for the first time). That ladies and gentleman is what we call "forshadowing."


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