Friday, June 30, 2006

Varience 2; MLG 0

My table draw for the 1500 PL event was quite unfortunate. Alex Balandin, Perry Friedman, Chris Bell and Keith Sexton. I went on a heater right at the beginning of the event, and got up to 2500 pretty quickly. I hovered there throughout the first two levels...and while I wasn't accumulating a ton of chips, I was quite enjoying myself. Perry Friedman was fun and engaging to have on my right. Unfortunately he busted right before the first break, giving his 4k in chips to the very aggressive, but very bad player directly to my left. My high water mark was about 5k when I busted a shortstacked Chris Bell, when my A7 outflopped his Queens. Then it was all downhill. Eventually I got my last 3k in with Q5o on a 234 two heart board. My opponent had 9h7h and an Ah turned.

2500 6 handed NL tomorrow.


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