Friday, June 30, 2006

Varience 2; MLG 0

My table draw for the 1500 PL event was quite unfortunate. Alex Balandin, Perry Friedman, Chris Bell and Keith Sexton. I went on a heater right at the beginning of the event, and got up to 2500 pretty quickly. I hovered there throughout the first two levels...and while I wasn't accumulating a ton of chips, I was quite enjoying myself. Perry Friedman was fun and engaging to have on my right. Unfortunately he busted right before the first break, giving his 4k in chips to the very aggressive, but very bad player directly to my left. My high water mark was about 5k when I busted a shortstacked Chris Bell, when my A7 outflopped his Queens. Then it was all downhill. Eventually I got my last 3k in with Q5o on a 234 two heart board. My opponent had 9h7h and an Ah turned.

2500 6 handed NL tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

0 for 1

Today was quite frusterating. I executed my plan to perfection in the first couple of levels, and gambled in a couple of close spots in big pots...and won them to get up to 8k after the first two levels. Thats a HUGE stack considering you start with 1500. Then I was out by level 5 without playing a single big pot. Seriously frusterating. I got up to 7k playing this hand which was fairly interesting.

With the blinds at 25/50 the CO who has a lot of chips, but is quite bad makes it 125. I call on the button with KT of hearts, and then BB, who is very good, and very controlled calls as well. 400 in the pot. Flop is Q8x with two hearts. BB checks, and the CO bets 250. I make it 600, and the BB now jams for 1900 more (2500 total). So the pot is laying me 3750:1900 or jusssssst short of 2:1. I figure that my K is an out at least sometimes...and I still have 800 or so if I lose...and I firmly believe gambling in the first few levels is important. So I call. The BB has AQ, but the turn and river come J9 giving me a back door straight and a HUGE pot.

It didnt matter though as I had a couple of minor bad beats (although if I was playing my A+ game I would have lost slightly less on them I think) and one bad bluff...then one pretty bad beat, and I was on fumes. Eventually my 88 couldnt outflop JJ and I went home.

1500 PL tomorrow...I'll be there table 142, seat 4.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It Begins

Table 113, Seat 1.

Last year I didnt play well at the wsop, I was kind of intimidated by the whole atmosphere I think. With a year's more experience under my belt I have much much higher expectations....which is also a problem since 8 tournaments (the amount im planning on playing) is a rediculously small sample size. Be that as it may, I'll be pretty bummed if I don't put at least one good run together.