Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Peter "Nordberg" Feldman won the WSOPC event in New Orleans over the weekend. Let me be the latest of the host of poker bloggers to offer my congratulations. Nordberg plays great and certainly deserves all the success that comes to him (and generally speaking I don't give out poker complements lightly).

As for me, poker has been good, although I haven't been playing as much as I should. Surprise Surprise. I came close to putting a run together on sunday, but lost two hands, both of which I made good decisions on. Once calling a preflop overbet with 88 and losing to A2, and again calling a preflop push with AT in the SB only to have the BB wake up with AK and bust me and the original pusher who had 89o. Oh well. Life recently hasnt left me much time for tournaments so im mixing in the cash games more and more, and having a good deal of success at it (although over 10k hands a lot of that can be attributed to running well). I sort of want to post some interesting hands ive played, but I can't find any. Oh well. Hopefully there will be more interesting things coming soon.


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