Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Sunday started with me driving up to Foxwoods to play a 2k event. The structure was pretty good, 6k in starting chips, hour levels. We started with 25/50 blinds, and by 3/4 of the way through the second level I had doubled my stack to 12k without a showdown (If I had gone to showdown I would have had much more than 12k). I picked up KQo on the button and made it 300 to go. The BB thought and then made it 1300. Now this player had already slowplayed big pairs twice, so I was pretty sure he didnt have AA/KK. Also I had been extremely active in LP (surprise surprise) so it was possible he was getting fed up, and trying to put an end to my bullying. He had 6.6k left after his raise, and I decided to jam. He thought forever before calling with JJ. I didnt win the race and was down to about 4.5k. I lost another pot and then got the rest in with AK v KK. Oh well.

The good news was I busted out early enough to drive home and play the big sunday tournanments. I ended up in the Paradise 200r for 1k, but built up a nice little stack with 18k and the blinds at 100/200. The structure for the Paradise Masters events is quite good and allows a lot of play. Anyway, I went pretty card dead for a while, and then lost 10k when my Q high flush lost to a straight flush. Then I put in my last 10k with AK on a blank turn after a KTx 3 diamond flop (I had no diamonds) and lost to TT. Oh well again.

Stars and Party were quite funny. I built up a nice stack on party by zigging and zagging at the right times, while stars was a constant struggle of, get short and double up. wash rinse repeat. Then I lost AK to KQ on a K high board on party, at almost the exact same moment I won AT v AK on Stars. 30 mins later I lost my last 10k on Party with TP against a flush draw at almost the same moment I beat AJ w J9 all-in preflop on Stars. So now, Im out of Party, where I never got my money in bad, and have a nice stack on Stars where I havent gotten my money in good. I ended up coming in 65th on stars, busting when my AQ couldnt stand up against KTs.

Oh well, cant FT a sunday table every week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You going back to Foxwoods for the WPT event? What do u think of their new poker room?

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