Saturday, March 11, 2006

Who has some Cheese?

in the last 20 HUs Ive played Ive lost in the following ways

AK v A9 preflop.
A9 v KQ on a 9 high flop.
Q5 v KK on a Q52 flop.
76 v QQ on a 89T flop.
A8 v 56 on a 5679 board.
35 v AA on an A249 board
62 v K9 on a K62 board

This is in addition to the normal assortment of HU running 104 of clubs in J5 of clubs on a 3 club board. or top 2 in an OESD or getting all-in with QQ v KK. Yeah, so poker sucks the last few days but is my blog and I'll whine if i want to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have u tried HU limit cash games, rather than $200 HU tourneys?

I get bored with the HU tourneys low starting blind structure, whereas the limit holdem seems to mirror playing HU on a FT or SnG where the blinds are large.
This could be a place to make some quick cash.

1:56 PM  

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