Thursday, March 09, 2006

HU Play

The last couple of weeks ive been playing a lot of the Stars $200 HUs. They are fantastic as there are many many braindead opponents. For example, there's the one who will push whenever he has 2 broadway cards (even if he has 75 BBs). Or the ever popular I just rivered the nuts why don't I bet twice the pot and hope he calls bet. Another opponent will minraise every hnad, and minbet every street regardless of what he has. This is at a $200 level buy-in folks. Poker is good.

Playing HU though will make you think about the luck factor of poker a lot differently. For example, today I was playing a pretty decent opponent, and it seemed like everytime the money went in I'd have the worst of it and suck out. to some degree or another. While playing him though, I still felt in my gut that I was running bad....while it would seem that I obviously wasnt. Looking back over the games though, my gut was right. I flopped very few real hands. This isnt a huge problem against certain bad opponents because they don't apply enough pressure to make waiting difficult. However, this player was applying pressure well, and had a good aggression level. Not making very many hands with legitimate showdown value left me bluffing, semi-bluffing and bluff catching the majority of the time. So, the majority of the time I was folding and getting ground down and then being forced to make a stand and sucking out. So while I did get lucky in some big pots, (often when I'd pick up a big hand and he'd pick up a bigger one) that can be misleading.

HU is fun, if I run good at it next week I may take some selective shots at the 500.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's a HU?

10:42 AM  
Blogger MLG said...

Im gonna go out on a limp and guess that you annonymous person are Jaime (or another one of my non-poker playing friends). It means HU or one on one.

2:26 PM  

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