Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Briefer History of Tourney Part 2.

With under 100 left I played very very few interesting hands. I doubled up with QQ against a guy who called my preflop raise and then raised my flop bet on a 644 flop. I pushed and he folded getting close to 10:1 on my last few chips. Then with about 275k in the BB I called an open raise from the SB (who had me covered) with AQ. Often I reraise there, this time I didnt. I flopped top pair on a Q93 two club board. The SB check callled my bet, and the turn was a 3rd small club. The SB check-raised all-in and I called and beat his K9o with no club. I drifted from 550k all the way back down to around 250k by having to fold to raises and doubling up short stacks. Then I called a shortstack's push when I had AA. Busted a shortstack's push when I had 87o and he had AA. and I was pack up to 500k and we were down to around 30 people. With under 20 people left, I reraised an open raiser all-in with AA and he called with QQ. Then I picked up AA again and won another nice pot, and that put me in the top 3 in chips at 800k.

I played very aggressively after that, often reraising LP raises from players who quite clearly wanted to make the final table, and not risking losing with 11-15 players left. It was really smooth sailing and I built my stack up to 2 million with only 1 player showing any desire to fight back and reraise me. With 5 players left I had roughly 1.9mil-2mil the button who was short stacked pushed all-in for 600k (blinds were 50k/100k). I called with A8s but lost to his A4. So, now down to 1.3mil I was on the BB next orbit with AJo, and once again called a push from an LP player. This time I had AJ, and he had KT. The flop was the terrifying xK...........A. Phew. Another player busted and I was the shortest stack 3 handed. The first hand the button raise to 300k, the SB called for 300k, and I pushed my 2 mil stack all-in from the BB with K9o. They both folded giving me a nice increase to my stack. Apparently though, my all-in opened the flood gates. My two opponens began reraising all-in (both with stacks of over 30BBs) on the vast majority of hands. Correspondingly, I tightened up hoping one would knock the other out, or I would pick up a big hand and double-up. The second stack got all-in with 66 against the big stacks AJ...but the 66 held, so now the guyh with 66 had 6.6mil, the guy who had AJ was down to 2.8 mil, and I had bled down to 2 mil again. On my last hand I opened for 300k from the button with QQ. As expected the player with 2.8mil reraised all-in. Now the BB (with 6.6 mil) began thinking and after a relatively long think he called the 2.8 mil. I was obviously thrilled and called with my QQ. SB had the reasonable AJ, and BB had KQ!? The flop was all low cards, but the turn came with an A to end my day in 3rd.

All in all, the ending sucked but it was still a super nice payday.


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