Monday, March 27, 2006

A Brief History of Tourney

As with any tournament where you make the final table, I ran really well for most of the tournament. I'll give a brief overview. In the first hour, I doubled from 4500 when I limped and called a raise with 44. The flop came A4x and I doubled through against AK. I won a bunch of smaller pots (including calling a river bet on a KT643 with A6 and beating A3). I was around 13k when I ran my first semi-bluff. I raised preflop with QT of diamonds to 1500 (blinds 300/600) and got called by a stack that had me covered. The flop was A high and I bet out 2k. He calls putting about 9k in the pot. The turn was a 2nd diamond and I pushed...he folded.

I was around 20k for a while...untill I raised a couple of limpers with 77. The SB called, and both limpers called. The flop was AQ7 and the SB bet out for almost the size of the pot. I pushed and doubled up against AT. So I'm now at 40k, and a big stack. Unfortunately I was moved to a table with 3 other big stacks as the bubble approached. I didnt have any opportunity to bully on the bubble, but after we hit the money I took a stand. I defended my BB from an LP raise with 64s. Blinds were 600/1200 and LP big stack raised to 3500, I checked the Q63 flop and he bet 5k, I made it 15k and he folded. After that I went on a huge run, and got all the way up to 130k without really breaking a sweat...then i lost a 40k pot with AA against KK.

I hovered between 70k-100k when my 2nd semi-bluff hand happened. With the blinds at 2k/4k I had about 75k and raised to 10k in EP with 78 of clubs. The player right behind me, with about 100k called and we saw a Q97 flop. I bet 15k and he called putting 50k in the pot and 50k in my stack. The turn was a 5 giving me a gutshot straight draw along with my pair, and I pushed. He thought for a long time before folding what he said was JJ. At this point there were about 100 people left, but I'll leave that for another post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats again. i really enjoy watching you play. i think you are a fantastic player. i love the fact that you are not scared to mix it up. you kind of remind me of a gus hanson type of player. you play some marginal hands, but you are EXCELLENT post-flop and at sniffing out weakness. keep it up.

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