Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. Tony

ESPN announced today that Tony Kornheiser will be the color man on their Monday Night Football broadcasts. Finally MNF gets a broadcasting decision right (even if its too late already). There's no doubt that MNF doesnt matter at all anymore, its basically become the sunday night football program that ESPN lost to NBC, and NBC's sunday night football will have the premier primetime games (because they well be able to select the games it wants as the season progresses). Regardless though, for the first time since Howard Cosell there is a broadcaster who is a reason to tune into the game. Cosell is one of the few public figures that I really wish I was alive to experience. A complete one of a kind character. He was funny and acerbic, but garnered such national respect that ABC had him announce John Lennin's assassination on MNF instead of cutting away to a news anchor. That kind of gravitas is unheard of from today's sports casters. While Cosell was arguably the play by play guy, he was clearly the main entertainment attraction in the booth.

Tony Kornheiser is no Howard Cosell, nor would he want to be. He is, however, a wildly successful sports personality in his own right. He's most well known for PTI, a show which legitimately changed the landscape of sports television. Pardon the Interuption spawned a buch of tv clones which featured sports writers yapping at each other, None of them are as successful, because they don't have Kornheiser, and cohost Michael Wilbon, who manage to be dynamic and engaging (even to non sports fans) while all they are doing is sitting and yelling with a timer in the background. Kornheiser brings a comedic element to the football broadcast, which is sorely needed in those late season bouts between two 5-7 teams that nobody could care less about. Unlike the previous experement with comedy, Dennis Miller, Kornheiser's humor comes in a package with serious sports chops. His mere presence will make me tune in, and if other people agree then ESPN has done its job and done it well.


Anonymous SossMan said...


7:45 PM  
Blogger MLG said...

i dont know what you're talking about.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Chris Fargis said...

Couldn't agree more. Viva la Tony.

8:27 PM  
Blogger jason said...

My drive to work has sucked since Mr. Tony left my radio.

This is great news, I just worry that he won't fit in the booth.

Will ESPN be hiring a second half color guy so Tony can keep his bedtime?

1:50 AM  
Anonymous SossMan said...

"He was funny and acerbic, but..."

sorry, spelled it wrong.

8:06 PM  

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