Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How It Started

The Borgata structure is fantastic. They start you with 25k in chips which is a more than fair trade off for the shorter 1 hour 15 minute levels. I needed all those chips because by level 3 I was at 16k. I lost a pot with KK when KJ flopped a straight on a Q109 board. I paid off the river when I didnt have to. I then mande a monster call on an A7510 3 heart board with A10. It seems easy enough but given how the action played out all I could beat was a bluff, and thats exactly what he had with KK!?. I then flopped a couple of sets, to get to about 36k when my first table broke.

My 2nd table had Barry Greenstein at it which actually made it quite fun. Barry is unexpectedly pleasant to play with. It was also pleasant because I went on a HUGE rush, flopping sets left and right. A horrible player limps in EP, and an ok player makes the 400 blind 1200 to go. An LP player calls and I call from the SB with 44. The flop is 943 with two clubs. Sometimes I checkraise here, but this time I led for 3k. It folds to the preflop raiser who thinks and makes it 6k. I will often just reraise again big here, but this time I felt the bet was from a weakish overpair and was designed to let him fold if I made a big reraise, so I just called. The turn was a 5, and I led into the raiser for 5k, my plan was to make my hand look like a draw and have him raise me off it. Thats what he did, he pushed, and I busted his A9o.

I played some other interesting hands over the course of the day, but most of them actually involved me laying down hands. 3 times I layed down 2 pair, and once I layed down JJ on a 10 high board in a 3 way pot. I was wrong on the JJ hand but thats ok. I also layed down KK on the river on an A high board in a 3 way pot when it would have been best. I thought I had the player who bet the river beat, but there was a player left to act behind me who had called the turn. That player called with 1010 and won. All these lay downs are a new step for me, and I think a good development in my game. I finished the day with 75k, very very pleased with my play. I had played with Barry Greenstein, Kathy Leibert, Chad Brown, and Tex Barch and really never felt particularly outclassed. I had made a lot of hands to be sure, but I had played extremely well to get those hands paid off. I didnt play perfectly by any means, but the mistakes I made were productive to my game. So, I went into day 2 with a lot of confidence.


Blogger Shorty35 said...

Congrats on the finish Mike; not a bad way to kick off a backing arrangement either.

Interesting to note that none of your highlighted Day 1 hands involve "creative" plays against weaker (or very strong) opponents. Is that because you (1) didnt try; (2) didnt need to; (3) couldnt becasue you were involved in too many pots with "real" hands or (4) tried, but none went anywhere.

I would have expected some more early splashing with that many chips...or should I be waiting for Day 2 coverage :)

10:27 PM  
Blogger Schaefer said...

"I had played with Barry Greenstein, Kathy Leibert, Chad Brown, and Tex Barch and really never felt particularly outclassed."

Ignorance is bliss. ;) Good job, seriously. I'm looking forward to sweating more deep tourney penetrations.

11:10 PM  
Blogger MLG said...

Shorty, I did splash around some, but none of my creative hands ever flopped big enough to make big pots on day 1. Either I won/lost a small uninteresting pot with them, or when the pot got big I was way gone. Also 2 of the 3 times I folded two pair were funky hands.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Jameson said...

"I had played with Barry Greenstein, Kathy Leibert, Chad Brown, and Tex Barch and really never felt particularly outclassed."

I'm only really impressed with one player on the list anyway...

2:43 PM  
Blogger MLG said...

I was impressed with 2.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Stipe_fan said...


Hey, I see you laid down some big hands at the Borgata. You said you laid down two pair three times. What was the flop like when you laid it down? Were the boards scary like a three flush or 3 straights? Did you lay them down on the flop or the river? I am curious because I have made the same type of lay downs recently and it has been bugging me.



9:18 AM  

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