Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cheaters Only Prosper Briefly

I suppose I should say a word about cheating, since the online poker community (of which I like to think I'm a relatively well known member--as far as internet cred goes) is in an uproar. In case anybody doesnt know, in the last two weeks two players that the publilc knows about have had their funds taken and their accounts closed as punishment for entering and playing more than one account in the same tournament. I also have it on goo authority that more accounts have undergone the same treatment, although those names are not publicly known yet.

On the on hand, it is unquestionably a good thing that these players, who are cheating, are being caught. And there is no question in my mind that it is cheating. However, the reactionary manner in which the policing is being done is cause for some degree of alarm. Why has the punishment started now? That's easy, its because there was an outcry on the poker message boards when the information leaked out that a winner of a tournament had entered another account (his primary account) that busted out in 2000th place. But, if its that easy to detect (and given the subsequent punitive measures it certainly seems to be that easy, at least in some cases) why hasn't anythin been done before? And, why is it that Party Poker, generally the least responsive site with respect to customer service leading the way, while Pokerstars is only investigating (at least apparently) those players who have already been banned by Party. The practice of multi-accounting is both illegal and common place, in that instance I don't think its unreasonable for me to expect my online pokerrooms to be pro-active in their policing, as opposed to reactionary. What they are doing is certainly better than nothing, but it has the potential to cause a witchhunt and it seems to me that while seizing funds from big wins makes a splash, all it does is highlight the security deficiencies up to that point.

Anyway, at least we're moving in the right direction where integrity is concerned. Cheatin will never be completely stopped in poker, that's just the way it is, but when I play at a site I'm putting my faith in them that they are doing their best to prevent it. This shows that they haven't in the past, but that perhaps they will in the future.


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