Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beaten About the Head and Shoulders

Big day of sunday tournaments will officially be renamed day that Michael is glad he doesnt have a high pain threshold so he cannot actually stick his head through a wall.

Party-AQs runs into AA on a Q high flop, no biggy.

Stars-First orbit, 1 limper, and LP makes it 80. I call in the BB with AKo, limper calls. Flop is K77 rainbow, and I check, limper checks and LP bets 120 into the 250 pot. Im probably ahead, and if so the two other players cannot have more than 5 outs combined so I call, and the limper calls. Turn is a 4(or something). I check, and it checks around. River is a 2, and I bet 450 into the pot. Limper minraises, I pay off his set of 2s. I can sometimes fold that river, but this time, meh. I hang around untill the 100/200 level where ive fought my way back to 2100. I'm in the BB with AJo. Two limpers, SB completes and I push. First limper who started with 1100, calls the rest of his 900, with A5o, and flops a 5. Sweet. So now I have 850, and mr. A5o limps UTG. I push from MP with K10o, folds to him, and he calls with....drum roll please.....J4s. Flops two pair and turns a boat. gg me.

Full Tilt-Get it in with AA on the turn against a flush draw (Q8s, which he had limped in EP, and called my raise out of the BB with) from a player who was incredibly bad. Him having a flush draw and 8 outs, is a minor bad beat in itself. He could easily have no hand no draw there. Of course he hits.

UB-Im skipping it to keep my head from exploding. I'm usually pretty sanguine about this stuff, even when im running bad like I have been online this year. This makes over 30 tournies in a row which I haven't moneyed in. But, like I always say, 1 good evening destroys 6 months of bad luck.


Blogger Schaefer said...

Sorry to hear that, bud. Try the Party 215 SnGs. My ROI after 10 is 179% and I think it should be easily sustainable. Seriously, just run better next week at the LAPC and you'll forget about online Sundays.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a douchebag

3:49 PM  

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