Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Borgata 1500 first table.

We started the tourney with 7k stacks and 25/50 blinds. The first level was fairly uneventful for me. I got to roughly 8k by winning some small pots, and picking up QQ once. Then I flopped two big draws which missed (thankfully I played them conservatively) and drifted down to 5500. I won a blind v blind battle at the beginning of th 50/100 level. The SB raised and I defended with J5s. Flop came 235 rainbow, and I raised his continuation bet to take it down. Then came my first big hand. With roughly 6500 in chips I raised two limpers to 600 with K10o from the CO. The button who was pretty bad (ok very extremely bad) called my raise and the limpers folded. The flop was a very good but very dangerous K104 with two spades. I bet 1000 and the button called leaving himself 2500 behind. The turn was an offsuit J. I briefly considered checking, but there are so many hands that I'm ahead of that are drawing very live, plus a very good chance he still calls me with a worse made hand. I put him in and he ofcourse turned the nuts with AQ.

With 2k, I want into shortstack turtle mode and shelled up. I won a few small pots to get to 2500. Then I defended my BB with 109o against an MP raise. I flopped huge with JQK. I got it all-in against a set of Qs and held-up to get up to 5k. With me new found chips (which of course were still less than the starting stack ) I started attacking the blinds again at what was really quite a tight table. I opened to 250 with 35 of clubs in MP and got called by an extremely tight button. Flop was A26 with the 2 and 6 of clubs and I checked. I will often lead with the intention of pushing if I get raised, but I didnt here because i think the range of hand this button raises me with is quite tight, and I guessed he'd generally just call with many Aces. Anyway, the turn was the straight flush making 4 of clubs. I lead for 400 and get raised to 800. The raise feels weak to me, more trying to find out where he's at with a marginal made hand than anything else. I called the raise, and led the river for 2k, hoping he'd try and snap me off. He folded though. Than hand got me back to 7. I dribbled back towards 6k when I picked up 2 tens in MP. I again opened for 250 and got called in two spots. The flop came Q72 all diamonds. The SB checked and I led for 6 then looked at my cards to see if I had a diamond...I did. The LP caller folded, but the button quickly made it 1800 with about 4k behind. I thought about calling, then I thought about folding, then I ended up pushing. I think its a very interesting decision. After about a minute of staring me down he folded what he later said was QJo.

After a 15 minute break the blinds went to 75/150. Folds to me on the button and I limp Q10 of spades. The SB (bad player from before) makes it 600 more, but I get the feeling he's just attacking what he views as weakness. The BB calls as do I. The flop is the extraordinarily triky 1095 with two clubs. SB leads out for 1500 and BB folds. I thought about moving in here for 5k more. But I felt at the time that that makes him play perfectly so I just called. The turn is the K of clubs. SB asks me for a count and is acting extremely aggresively, classic bluffing posture, sitting up in his seat leaning forward more. When I tell him I have about 5k, he fires 2500 into the pot. I push after about 10 seconds thought. He agonizes with his nothing and then folds. After that the table breaks, and I head to a new table with 11k.


Blogger Schaefer said...

Awesome recap. Looks like your reads were right on and you played a lot of tough hands optimally. I really love live tournaments because of the things like aggressive betting posture where people make it so obvious that they have nothing. I'm eagerly anticipating table 2.

I'm starting to have crazy Super Bowl dreams. Some are good and some are quite frightening. I really wish it was this Sunday.

2:01 AM  
Blogger MLG said...

Wow dude, Super Bowl Dreams? Thats pretty hardcore. I honestly don't know what to make of the Super Bowl. I think I like the Hawks chances, if only because somehow they still get no respect from everybody.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous zekgb said...

I know exactly where Brandon is coming from as I was just a little younger than you two when the Niners won their first Superbowl. I pretty much dreamed about the game every night for the two weeks between The Catch and the Superbowl. Bizarre stuff like the game being cancelled in the second quarter cause the Niners were down by 10 touchdowns and the like.

Because your team won the big one when you were a kid, you will never understand what it's like to root for a team all your life, every year watching other teams and their obnoxious fans celebrate in late January, wondering if your turn will ever come, fearing it never will.

Pulling for the 'Hawks this year for that very reason, the Steelers have to go another generation without a title before I have any empathy for their fans.

1:57 PM  

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