Saturday, January 28, 2006


Its now official. I have a backing deal that will allow me to play Main Events, starting with the Borgata. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Borgata 2500

I got AA-88 AK/AQ exactly twice. Once I took the pot preflop when I raised two limpers from the BB with AKs. Then I got my case 4.5k chips in preflopwith JJ against A4s with the blinds at 75/150. A on the turn and I go home. I had one semi-bluff that didnt work, and two draws that I missed on the turn and then folded. That was it. Boring and crappy.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Table 2

Table 2 was a complete roller coaster. I got up to 15k by flopping trips against Arnold Spee my first hand at the table. My second hand I got JJ and won the blinds. 3 hands lateer I limped UTG with AQs and called a push from the BB. He had QQ and I shipped 3500 over. That was it for good hands. I managed to get all the way down to 4500 without ever seeing a turn card. I don't really remember how. I got reraised small a couple of times, and had to call only to fold on the flop. I raised preflop, fired on the flop and got check-raised and forced to fold a couple of times too. Anyway, I sucked out on JJ with 77 to get back to 10k all in the space of one level. I spent the 100/200 level fluctuating between 8k and 11k without really playing an interesting hand. Well actually I guess this hand was kind of interesting. 3 limpers to me and I make it 1200 with KQo. Spee calls on the BB and all the limpers fold. Flop is 743 high 2 spades, Spee checks, I bet 2500 into the 3k pot, and Spee pushes. He has 3175 more. I start thinking about what hands Spee could call 1k with preflop when his stack was only about 7500. Certainly it wasnt anything that could fit this flip like 56 or 75 or somethinkg equally speculative. A set of 7s was possible, but unlikely. I thought his most like holdings were 88-JJ, which created an interesting situation. I did a quick estimation in my head. Against a middle PP I would win almost exactly 1/4 of the time or 25%. I had to call about 3k more which meant that if there was 9k in the pot I would have to make the call. I did the math, and there was 8700 and change in the pot, and I needed to call 3100. Thats not quite the 3:1 I needed, although if /i widened his range to include hands like J10 of spades I could certainly justify the call. Those hands just didnt feel right, and I decided to make a tight fold.

After another 15 min break I experienced what Im going to call the BL (Borgata Leap). The BL is going from 100/200 no ante to 200/400 a25. I quickly ran my stack to 15k busting Spee in the proccess. I raised to 1200 in EP with AQo. Spee called the 1200 with 2400 left behind. The flop was KQx with two diamonds. I checked, he checked. The turn wasw a blank, I checked and he pushed, I called fairly quickly gettind 2:1 and he turned over A10s. I hate his preflop call here. Then I defended my SB against an aggresive EP raise to 1400 with 78 of hearts. The flop was 1094 with two clubs. I led for 2k intending to push if he raised. He folded though. I dribbled back down to 11k when the blinds went up to 300/600 a50 without playing a meaningful hand. Then a very tight player limped UTG, a very loose but not bad player limped in LP after staring at the limp suspisciouly and I checked in the BB with A3 of hearts. The flop came A103 with two clubs. I checked intending to check raise, but both UTG and LP checked as well. This surprised me. The turn was an ugly K of clubs. I bet 1500 into the roughly 2k pot, and LP called. The river blanked, and I check called 2k. He flipped over QJo and for the second time in the day I was heart by a player making a gutshot broadway (of course this time he didn't play it badly). That left me with 6k and in push or fold mode. I pushed once with AJ and picked up the blinds. Then the next hand I picked up KQ and pushed over a big stack limp. He called with AQ and I went home.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Borgata 1500 first table.

We started the tourney with 7k stacks and 25/50 blinds. The first level was fairly uneventful for me. I got to roughly 8k by winning some small pots, and picking up QQ once. Then I flopped two big draws which missed (thankfully I played them conservatively) and drifted down to 5500. I won a blind v blind battle at the beginning of th 50/100 level. The SB raised and I defended with J5s. Flop came 235 rainbow, and I raised his continuation bet to take it down. Then came my first big hand. With roughly 6500 in chips I raised two limpers to 600 with K10o from the CO. The button who was pretty bad (ok very extremely bad) called my raise and the limpers folded. The flop was a very good but very dangerous K104 with two spades. I bet 1000 and the button called leaving himself 2500 behind. The turn was an offsuit J. I briefly considered checking, but there are so many hands that I'm ahead of that are drawing very live, plus a very good chance he still calls me with a worse made hand. I put him in and he ofcourse turned the nuts with AQ.

With 2k, I want into shortstack turtle mode and shelled up. I won a few small pots to get to 2500. Then I defended my BB with 109o against an MP raise. I flopped huge with JQK. I got it all-in against a set of Qs and held-up to get up to 5k. With me new found chips (which of course were still less than the starting stack ) I started attacking the blinds again at what was really quite a tight table. I opened to 250 with 35 of clubs in MP and got called by an extremely tight button. Flop was A26 with the 2 and 6 of clubs and I checked. I will often lead with the intention of pushing if I get raised, but I didnt here because i think the range of hand this button raises me with is quite tight, and I guessed he'd generally just call with many Aces. Anyway, the turn was the straight flush making 4 of clubs. I lead for 400 and get raised to 800. The raise feels weak to me, more trying to find out where he's at with a marginal made hand than anything else. I called the raise, and led the river for 2k, hoping he'd try and snap me off. He folded though. Than hand got me back to 7. I dribbled back towards 6k when I picked up 2 tens in MP. I again opened for 250 and got called in two spots. The flop came Q72 all diamonds. The SB checked and I led for 6 then looked at my cards to see if I had a diamond...I did. The LP caller folded, but the button quickly made it 1800 with about 4k behind. I thought about calling, then I thought about folding, then I ended up pushing. I think its a very interesting decision. After about a minute of staring me down he folded what he later said was QJo.

After a 15 minute break the blinds went to 75/150. Folds to me on the button and I limp Q10 of spades. The SB (bad player from before) makes it 600 more, but I get the feeling he's just attacking what he views as weakness. The BB calls as do I. The flop is the extraordinarily triky 1095 with two clubs. SB leads out for 1500 and BB folds. I thought about moving in here for 5k more. But I felt at the time that that makes him play perfectly so I just called. The turn is the K of clubs. SB asks me for a count and is acting extremely aggresively, classic bluffing posture, sitting up in his seat leaning forward more. When I tell him I have about 5k, he fires 2500 into the pot. I push after about 10 seconds thought. He agonizes with his nothing and then folds. After that the table breaks, and I head to a new table with 11k.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe and 81

The Comedian Eddie Izzard has a bit where he talks about killers. It goes, when you kill one person we lock you up in jail. If you kill 10, you get a small room with white padded walls and a nice little slit to look through. If you kill 100,000 though we're almost impressed. 100,000 people eh? You must have gotten up awfully early in the morning to accomplish that. That's how I feel about Kobe Bryant. I think he's selfish, he doesn't make his teammates better, and really he couldnt care less about winning as long as the world thinks he's great. I mean, MJ never scored 81 points in a game, and I promise its not because Kobe is better. Here's the thing though, Kobe is just so good, its impossible not to be impressed. I mean, 81 points is just mind boggling. Its incomprehensible. Reaslistically speaking, 50 is a heroic accomplishment, 30 is a very good game. He did both. Im on the East Coast, and didnt watch the game, and I cannot comprehend how he did it. Its like hitting 6 home runs in a game, or rushing for 350 yards. When you sit down to watch a sporting event its not even within the realm of possibility, not remotely. If you watch the Lakers, maybe you say, I'll put the game on to see if Kobe goes off for 45 tonight that would be incredible. Even though I think the Lakers would be better if Kobe averaged 5-10 less points because it would translate into 20 more points for his teammates (and maybe Lamar Odom wouldnt have to spend the whole season looking like Kobe just kicked his dog), how can you fault a guy when he can score that much. Its like Eddie Izzard said, it may be wrong, but you cant help it, you're in awe.

So, this is my second post today. The blog is a fun new toy for me, so I'm sure the posts will come fast and furious for a while. We'll see what happens when the new car smell wears off.

It Starts....

Well, it seems that blogging (especially poker blogging) is all the rage now, so consider me on the bandwagon. Hopefully the blog will end up being a mix of poker, and other stuff that will amuse the non poker players among you enough to keep you coming back. We will see. Anyway, I'll close my opening post with this. Three times this month I have gotten my money in with over a 95% chance of winning and lost. Two of those have been extremely important pots late in tournaments. For those of you who don't play poker, suffice it to say that SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS, a lot. Poker in January has not been good to me on the whole (although I havent played as many tournies as I should have--thats probably going to be a running theme of the blog). Maybe my luck will change at the Borgata. I'll be there the 25th and the 27th playing the 1500 and 2500 events, and some satellites. So, this first post ended up being about poker, other ones will hopefully be more balanced, although really, who am I kidding.